I saw Caroline during cancer treatment as I wanted to make sure my diet was supporting me as much as possible. She did a thorough review of my current diet and gave clear practical advice for improvement. I found my session with her gave me real confidence that I was giving myself the best possible nutrition and I found it easy to put the advice into practice. Fiona

Wouldn’t hesitate to refer Caroline to anyone. She has helped me with Diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss, meal planning, recipes – the list goes on!! Any research needed always done. A constant source of information and support. I have lost weight, my sugar level is a lot lower and my cholesterol is where it should be! Thank you to a genuinely lovely lady. Lisa

Having tried all the usual diet clubs with only a few weeks success, I decided to seek a professional dietician for a personal assessment. Caroline has helped me to lose weight by devising a menu plan specifically tailored to my health issues. Caroline is fully supportive and always contactable should you need advice on the diet, no matter how trivial. At present I am averaging 2lb weight loss per week without having to starve myself. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Caroline! Sue

After many years of recurrent symptoms of IBS I am now feeling 100% better after visiting Caroline and following her recommendations, diet plan, lifestyle changes including the use of Symprove. I am very grateful for the advice and support that Caroline has given me and would wholeheartedly recommend her service to others with confidence. Jennifer 

I am a working mum with two little ones and had accumulated extra weight over the years due to bad eating habits and pregnancies. Before I met Caroline, I had tried so many different diets (I think pretty much all of them!) and each time it was followed by frustrations and I would end up putting the weight back on. Caroline was a great support and she made me realise that eating healthy is enjoyable and also is for life. I feel so much better now. Thank you Caroline for all your help. Celine

I had tried Weight watchers (several times) before as well as Slimming World … both with some short term success. However, I just felt I would benefit from some one to one advice to help me create & sustain good habits. For me it was really important that I could relate to that person & feel totally at ease with them. Caroline is that person! Friendly yet very professional with a common sense and healthy approach. If you are thinking about seeing a dietitian I would wholeheartedly recommend Caroline! Denise

Caroline has been both helpful and understanding. She listened (not heard) to all I had to say/ask and was very precise and personal in her responses both on email and in our meetings. The plan and recommendations she made for me have hit the X factor that I couldn’t solve myself with my own research and trial and error; I am now on my path to losing the last few kgs to an ideal BMI. Although I had lost a good 14kg by myself, I had reached a saturation point and couldn’t lose more fat, despite exercising and dieting. Caroline has been encouraging as well as thoughtful in finding what I was really after; her services were well worth the investment. Committing in meeting a dietitian this year will surely lead to faster, better and healthier results. Paul

I don’t have any negative comments at all. As I can say is that it was incredibly helpful. You understood the ongoing history really quickly and were very sympathetic to how frustrating it has been. You understood why I booked the consultation with you and what research I had already done. You focused your advice on the reintroduction and nutrition side of things, which was very helpful. You gave useful, practical advice (and very helpful information sheets) that I have found very easy to follow and incorporate into my diet. It was very helpful to learn about the calcium/iron and to know what follow up tests I should be asking for from the GP/hospital. I will definitely be recommending you and thanks again. Client

I am so pleased I found Caroline! Caroline helped me lose 4 stone (25kg) for my wedding. Before meeting Caroline I was your typical yo-yo dieter. I always wanted quick results which were often not long-lasting. Caroline taught me that successful weight loss is a healthy balanced diet and exercise. There is no quick fix!

Caroline is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Her expert advice has helped me reach my goals. I continue to use her many tips and ideas.

Most importantly, she really cares, it is more than just a job to her. She has a gift of making each of her clients she works for think they are her priority, no matter how busy her schedule. Caroline is an engaging, energetic and a positive individual. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work. Linda

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