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Nutrition Seminars

Interactive Learning Experience

My nutrition seminars and workshops provide the ideal environment for an interactive learning experience that is fun, relaxed and practical. They are tailored to the needs of your group, ensuring an optimal learning experience. Whether you require a one hour presentation or a series of talks for groups requiring ongoing support, this can be arranged. They can be set up in a boardroom, lunchroom, in the comfort of your own home or any meeting space that suits your requirements.

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What Do They Include?

  • One hour, two hour or half day sessions tailored around the groups learning objectives
  • Visually appealing, easy to understand, evidence-based nutrition presentations
  • Accompanying written literature to take home
  • Weights can be taken, BMIs and ideal weights calculated for individual group members if in line with the nutrition topic
  • Shopping tours can be arranged if in line with the nutrition topic

Popular Nutrition Topics

  • Battle of The Bulge: 10 steps to healthy, sustainable weight loss that works!
  • Healthy eating made easy
  • Pregnancy: Top nutrition tips for a growing bump
  • Help! My child won’t eat: Feeding your fussy toddler/child
  • Eat Well to Live Well: Nutrition strategies to prevent cancer
  • Eat Well to Live Well: Nutrition strategies to prevent heart disease
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